Safaricom is rebranding from The Better Option to Twaweza

Safaricom is rebranding its motto from The Better Option to Twaweza as it seeks to steer the next phase of its growth. While the previous motto has served it, providing an idea to attract people to it, it feels this is old and also some people have bitter experiences with it.

Already, CEO Bob Collymore is creating by-in within the staff, holding meetings where he personally drives the conversations on the importance of Twaweza as the motto of choice. During these meetings with departments, while other staff talks about it, he gives the global picture of the thinking around Twaweza.

Core to preference for Twaweza is the collaborative and transformative growth the telco sees themselves to livelihoods.

When you do a search of #Twaweza, you will see Safaricom and other bloggers and staff using it, to tell the story of doing things together for a prosperous nation.


It is unclear when they will officially change the motto, but by the time this happens, the public will already be accustomed to it.


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