Merck to incubate Africa’s eHealth startups

Tunisia was this year’s host of the continental eHealth meetup that brought together professionals, students and young entrepreneurs to explore potentials and challenges of technology in health and education sectors.

The initiative was launched early last year in Nairobi  by Merck, a leading science and technology company held its first session in November last year in Johannesburg, South Africa where dialogue between technology and education was explored.

It also involve talks from prominent entrepreneurs about their contribution to the discussion, both hopes and fears for a changing continent.

The Tunis meetup’s main objective was to set up a forum for business leaders, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, scholars and aspiring entrepreneurs to gather and exchange ideas around entrepreneurship.

The conference strives to provide meaningful coverage on current trends in the dynamic economies of Africa as well as leveraging experience from around the globe to create a thriving African Start-up community.

According to Dr. Karim Bendhaou, General Manager of Merck NWA, the firm is dedicated to support young talents in the digital field and that is working towards building a strong ecosystem by merging efforts with regional players.

‘’Building an incubator will be a first step for us to achieve these goals. We are very proud to host the first eHealth initiative in Tunisia that will provide a platform for African start-ups to learn about eHealth opportunities and grow internationally’’

The event was attended by various panelists and speakers as well as foreign investors.

Participants explored the unique challenges, advantages and lessons gained from business experience.

Several contestants took the stage to pitch an original business idea to a panel of judges from the business community and an audience of other entrepreneurs, small business owners, potential investors, students, business and community leaders, and professionals.

This event also saw the announcement of an Incubator headed by Merck NWA in order to train and help successful teams to raise money and build their go to market strategy

With its work with digital start-ups on the African continent, Merck is empowering young entrepreneurs and continuously identifying new innovative solutions.


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