Manufacturers to prioritize jobs in their 2017 agenda

Job creation is a priority area for manufactures as they seek to tangibly contribute in inclusive economic growth in 2017. At the launch of Manufacturing Priorities for 2017, stakeholders underscored the need to ensure the economy grows but also seen to grow and creating jobs ensures this happens.

Kenya Association of Manufacturers Manufacturing Priority Agenda 2017 focuses on emerging public policy, a review of the current business environment and relevant regulations, as well as a vision to industrialize for the benefit of Kenya’s economy. The guide details the need for investment in technical skills, creating a nurturing environment for SMEs with a special emphasis on women and youth enterprises, and making Kenya an export hub thereby increasing the competitiveness for local business.

During his keynote address, Principal Secretary, State Department of Industry and Investment Mr. Julius Korir stated that the government is keen on working with private stakeholders to achieve the manufacturing agenda. He said that the government is working towards ensuring that the manufacturing agenda becomes the only government agenda. “I’m glad to see that the recommendations made in this year’s Manufacturing Priority Agenda are aligned with the Kenya Industrial Transformation Programme,” he asserted.

The priority areas will be driven under five key pillars which, if strengthened, will lead to a more competitive environment and impactful economic gains for Kenya’s industrial sector. These are;

Pillar One: Policy, Legal and Regulatory Reforms

Pillar Two: Level playing field for manufacturing in Kenya

Pillar Three: Competitive Local Manufacturing Sector

Pillar Four: Make Kenya a manufacturing hub for Exports

Pillar Five: Securing the future of Industry

KAM Chairlady, Ms. Flora Mutahi stated that KAM will continue to work with the Government and other stakeholders towards the development of the industry.

Ms. Phyllis wakiaga, KAM’s Chief Executive affirmed that the MPA has been an instrumental tool in advocating for the growth of the industry over the years. “By clearly articulating our issues on previous MPAs, we have seen the Government stepping in, as our partner, to resolve critical matters such as VAT refunds, interventions on budget proposals (increased taxation on imported steel products) and their support on the ratification of EPAs among other major wins.”


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