How 2 pigs can earn you Sh1 million by next Christmas

Gone are the days when farming was all about tough job with few returns.

I mean, what is the point of spending more than Sh10,000 on an acre piece of land growing maize only to harvest less than 20 bags of maize after 4-5 tedious months?

Farmers are getting smarter. They are now embracing high value activities that guarantee them multiple returns.

Do you know that just two pigs can earn your over Sh1 million in just one year. They just require an eighth of an acre, use their manure to grow your maize and beans in the remaining piece of land.

How to start

If you want to start with two already served sows, you need to construct a large pigsty measuring at least 40 by 45 meters.

According to several successful pig farmers in Kenya, such pigsty will cost you up to $800 or Sh80,000.

This will cater for at least 30, three meter iron sheets, ballast, sand, timber and at least 6 bags of cement.

Other items needed for the construction of a quality and spacious pigsty includes pipes, nails and saw dust to provide warmth ad can also be turned into food for your pigs.

High yielding sows

There are several farming organizations that are selling quality served sows in Kenya.

Visit Pig Farmer Kenya Facebook page and you will for instance get Duroc, Landrace Hampshire or Large White for Sh40,000-45,000.

Two served sows of either variety as mentioned above will give you 10-12 iglets after just three months.


Pig feed is Pigs need much food for growth. A single pig for instance consumes up to 5 kilos of feed per day.

For the two sows, at least 300 kilos is needed per month.

With 100 kilos of rice bran going for Sh1000, you will spend at least Sh3000 per month to satisfy the two sows.

If the two sows gives you at least 20 piglets after 3 months gestation period, the farmer will have to increase his feed stock when he weans those piglets after 7 weeks.

Piglets are however feed on light materials when they are 28 days old.

Total production cost

Assuming you have space, you need at least Sh200,000 to start. Most of this is spent on construction, two sows and feed.


If the farmer started this venture this January, he is likely to have 20 piglets by April. A mature pig must be at least 6 months old.

This means that by late October, the farmer will be having at least 22 mature pigs in his farm. Remember, the two first sows are still giving birth- at least two more times in that year.

Our farmer will be having at least 22 mature pigs, hundreds of piglets and expecting more piglets from the first piglets by next Boxing Day.

Assuming that he sells the 20 mature pigs each at Sh40,000, our farmer is likely to have Sh800,000 by October next year.

This is if he decided to use less than a quarter of his an acre piece of land that normally give him 20 bags of maize and less than 5 bags of beans every season.

Dhahabu Kenya wishes you a nice Boxing Day!!!!


    • I agree with you Sir. Am a farmer and I have never sold a pig even for 40k. The highest av ever sold was 35k and it was last 1.8 yes old, slaughtered for meat, each kg going for 300. Farmers choice prices cannot go to such. The highest for a pig between 70-85 kg is 20 k. So the article is not practical at all. A sow gives birth after 3m, 3 wks, 3 days. It cannot therefore give birth more than 2 times a year

  1. No where to sell 6months pigs at 40K. That’s too high and unrealistic. The most one can sell is 25k if it weighs more than 100kgs.
    But yes, pig farming for someone with less space and love for animals is better. You can’t do well if you don’t love them.

  2. I want to start up this business of pig farming I already have shed ,where do I get the best breed at least two of them am based at Machakos


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