Vegetable prices up as inflation rate in Kenya hit 6.68%

Kenyans are expected to continue paying more for basic need, this even as the country’s inflation shoot by more than a percentile in November to 6.68 compared to 6.47 registered the previous month.

A detailed report released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) shows that Kenyans have been digging deeper in their pockets for the past nine months to purchase basic needs especially vegetables.

According to the data collected by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) during the second and third week of November, the weighted average of prices of a basket of consumer goods and services, rose to 173.85 up from 172.62 in October.

The price of Kale, popularly known as Sukuma Wiki which is consumed by many Kenyans for instance rose by almost 5 percent in November to Sh43.15 per kilo while that of tomato rose by Sh4.07 a kilo to Sh73.93.

Tomato prices this November is however ranked lowest compared to the past three years with last year’s price of Sh96.10 per kilo being the highest.

It is the price of cabbage that has however rose to unimaginable heights. The CPI shows that its price is now 44.6 percent higher than it was last year.

The popular vegetable after sukumawiki has registered a Month-on-month increase of 3.5 percent and now retails for Sh62.76 per kilo up from Sh60.56 the previous month.

Tenants have also been forced to cough more money per month since March this year.

Last month, the average rent for a single-roomed house in Kenya was Sh4, 070, up from Sh4, 032 in previous month.

This amount is at least Sh200 more compared to what they paid for the same room last year. Analysts have projected continuous rise in rental prices, an aspect attributed to a steady rural-urban migration.

Sugar and beef prices have also been rise. Others includes alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics whose prices rose by 0.11 percent.

Although there have been talks of affordable fuel this year, the KNBS report shows that Kenyans have paid Sh3.45 higher for kerosene in November compared to Sh59.68 per liter in October.

The current inflation is however within Central Bank of Kenya target of between 2.5 per cent and 7.5 per cent.


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