Unlicensed chicken farmers in Nakuru to pay up to Sh500,000

Unlicensed chicken farmers in Nakuru County risk being fined up to Sh500,000 if the bill recently tabled in the county assembly sails through.

If passed into law as it is, the bill which is now at the public debating stage is likely to increase the cost of production, forcing farmers to hike chicken prices even as the country approach festive season.

Currently, a mature chicken is going for Sh600-1200 with prices expected to shoot to Sh1500 by mid next month.

The new bill has caused jitters among local business community with many traders terming the bill as unrealistic.

According to Benson Mwangi, Director, Nakuru Business Association, the county need to pass more serious bills that will positively impact lives of local citizens than coming up with ridiculous and subjective bills.

He explained that if passed, the bill will hurt the county’s economy which is mostly agricultural dependent.

The Nakuru Street Traders and Hawkers Association Chairman Simon sangale ole Nasieku has asked the area Governor Kinuthia Mbugua to reject the bill should it sail through the assembly and brought to him for assent.

Yet, Nakuru county assembly is not the first to come up with such bill.

In 2013, Kakamega County came up with a bill that could see urban part with Sh500 for keeping cows, goats and sheep for every single animal in each category. A levy of Sh20 was proposed for each chicken kept in an urban area.

Other counties that have come up with bills targeting small scale farmers includes

In it’s 2014/2015 Finance Bill, Kilifi County for instance proposed to levy farmers Sh50 for every bird sold and Sh10 more for every extra chicken sold.

The bill which was strongly opposed in the county assembly could see owners of up to five cows wishing to graze at the county’s designated grazing sites pay Sh100 per day with an additional Sh20 for any extra cow.

Goat and sheep owners were to pay Sh50 per day for no more than five animals and an additional Sh10 for every extra animal.


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