Nation Media Group apologizes for publishing corruption cartel advertisement

East Africa’s biggest media company Nation Media Group has apologized for publishing an advertisement in its classifieds that asked interested people to

“join corruption cartels and win government supply tenders without sweat.”

The advert provided a number of the person who one can call. The number 0722647593. Truecaller identifies the individuals name as Conman.

When you call the number, a gentleman picks it and provides you with details on how his services can be useful for a budding entrepreneur.

It was a bizarre advert, considering the stand the company has taken on corruption issues whether it is publishes them, sometimes fiercely and even its internal policies on reigning on corruption among its staff especially journalists.

Nation Media Group’s Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Clifford Machoka sent the apology stating that the company highly regrets the error.

Nation Media Group does not support or condone such advertisement which clearly goes against our mission to positively impact society’s values and our editorial policy.

He added that the company has taken immediate action to blacklist the agent and are reviewing their internal procedures to ensure that such an error does not recur. img-20161125-wa0016

Clifford did not however state whether they will refund the advertisement money and whether the company will also publish the apology in the newspapers considering the classified advertisement was published in the newspaper; Daily Nation of November 25, 2016 on page 64.

The advert caused the tenderpreneur sh1,350.


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