Youths scrambling for Attitude Teas, just days after it launched in Kenya

Kericho Gold Attitude Teas are flying off the shelves, just three weeks after those trendy and youthful tea bags were launched into the Kenyan market.

All the 11 Attitude Teas themed variants come in exciting colours, flavours and aroma with addition of different herbs, making them popular among the youth, who are now brewing them at social parties.

Apart from local consumers who are scrambling for these teas in Supermarkets across the country; The Company has an existing e-shop platform, which is being opened up to accommodate prospective customers from other continents who have been asking for the products since their launch late last month.

Addressing the press in Nairobi, Fahim Ahmed, the Managing Director for Gold Crown Beverages (Kenya) Limited pegged the success of the Attitude Teas to innovative products that fill the gap for an ignored generation – the Millennials.

Mr. Ahmed went on to add, as the pack says “Ideal Partner: Passionate, adventurous, and willing to try something new and exciting, and looking for a close relationship. Sounds like you? Then stop searching, pick me up and love me forever.”

Whether you wake up with a hangover, feeling down or just in search of cup that uplifts you, Attitude Teas definitely have something for you. The teas offer solutions and inspire the youth.

The Attitude Teas which were unveiled late last month on the 25th October at a colorful launch ceremony held at the upmarket, 5 Star Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi, have also received praises from various celebrities in the country, ranging from TV and Radio hosts, musicians and DJs. They have also trended social media platforms and social groups.

‘’With these teas, we have not only created a product for the Millennials but also made it appealing to the young in appearance, attitude, taste profile and creativity, in order to encourage them to consume tea which is also known for its benefits.

He went on to congratulate his team for working tirelessly and thinking out of the box to keep consumers satisfied and happy, while maintaining the company’s position as a leader and market’s trend setter.



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