How Kilimall Affiliate Marketing Programme works

Online shopping mall Kilimall recently launch an affiliate marketing programme touting it as the gateway to creating 100, 000 jobs. Through the programme, bloggers and social media influencers will earn commissions from sales of products sold on Kilimall.

Also known as Pay Per Sale (PPS) or Cost Per Sale (CPS) is an online advertisement pricing system where the publisher or website owner is paid on the basis of the number of sales that are directly generated by an advertisement.

Kilimall Operations Director Victor Ma said that under the programme, websites and social media users will be given a unique code to enable them display Kilimall banner adverts or links on their websites or social media pages. Any activity through the link is tracked and a sale conversion earns a commission.

When you register, a unique code and an account are generated to monitor clicks and sales and earnings. Account activity can be tracked in real-time. It is through the tracking of the code that they are able to establish conversion of the product, hence earn you a commission.

Presented as the number one online shopping outlet due to sales volumes and wide range of products, Kilimall hopes to increase both the sales and products should this programme succeed. They currently have over 100, 000 products and hope to hit 1 million sometime next year.

In addition, they also intend on being number 1 online shopping mall on the African Continent. In the near future, they hope to start selling Kenyan products on the platform to the outside world.

A blogger or social media influencer can choose a link or a banner, designed by them. For social media influencers, if you decide to use a link, the code will be the same but products displayed will differ depending on what is on stock at that moment or what you want to sell. In addition, you can choose to use a banner so that you do not send multiple links from time to time.

The commission rates are;

Fashion – 8%

Hair and beauty – 5%

Mobile accessories – 4%

Laptops – 3%

Mobile – 2%

Explaining the rates, Kilimall Chief Executive Officer Young Tao said that they charge between 5-10 percent commissions from the manufacturers. Currently, he admitted that this model is not making money for them but they are committed to investing in this market for at least ten years before thinking of profits. They opened shop in July 2014.

The rates are therefore informed by the difference in the commission charged between the manufactures and themselves. For instance, on mobile phones, while they charge a commission of 5 percent, the affiliate marketing programme will see bloggers and social media influencers get 2 percent, leaving the company with 3 percent.

The payments will be processed every 15th of the moment. There is no upper limit of how much they can pay you. But the sale has to be converted for you to be paid.



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