Eazzyloan guarantees credit of up to sh3 million

From the comfort of your phone, you can now access credit through Equity Bank’s Eazzyloan for up to sh3 million, making it convenient, time saving and efficient means to access credit. In addition, an applicant does not have to fill in any forms and no need for guarantors to merit Eazzyloan.

For what’s worth, you can monitor your loan balance and make repayments through your Equitel line or use the EazzyApp.

These reductions in time and bureaucracy are already paying off proving that demand was high and Equity Bank is set to reap in the coming years. The bank has recorded 3.7 million customers as of September 2016 access the loans while the number of loans being disbursed by the bank has equally increased from 2,000 loans a day to 12, 000 loans a day. It is evident from the numbers that demand was there, while the supply had yet to be filled.

The main requirement is that you must have an active Equity Bank account for a minimum period of 6 months and an active Equitel line or EazzyApp. These are core because they indicate your transactions history hence ability to pay for the loans.

In the event you do not have an Equity Bank account, simply dial *247# using your current number and open one instantly. This is another convenience the bank is making to deepen financial inclusion in the country. You can then pick your Equitel line from your nearest Equity Bank branch.

To access EazzyLoan from your Equitel line is also easy

• Go to Equitel menu

• Select My Money

• Select Loans

• Select Get Loan

• Select Loan Type

• Select Account

• Enter Amount

• Confirm Details

• Enter PIN

• Click on the Navigation menu (=)on the top left corner

• Log onto EazzyApp

The repayment term for Eazzyloan is up to 12 months.

The bank further guarantees that it is a safe and secure platform for customers.

In addition,

To access EazzyLoan from EazzyApp;

• Select loans

• Click on the (+) sign at the bottom right hand side

• Select request loan

• Select bank account that the loan should be deposited into

• Type in the amount you would like to borrow and click enter (The sliding bar will become active and using the tool, you will be able to see payment details i.e. the loan duration, estimated amount due and estimated repayment date)

• Click on request loan

• Confirm details, accept the terms and conditions and click request loan

• You will receive an SMS confirmation

This is how to check your balance

Read about the EazzyLoan Terms & Conditions and the EazzyPlus Terms & Conditions to further understand how they work.


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