IHRM launches four year Strategic Plan

The Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) has launched its Strategic Plan 2016-2020, touting it as the impetus to getting a high calibre of human resource professionals to stimulate innovation and creativity in both public and private sectors.

In this agenda, IHRM got government backing in overhauling human resource profession industry regulator saying it is key to Vision 2030. Speaking during the launch of the plan, the Public Service Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki called on human resource professionals across the country to acquire IHRM certification as provided for in the Human Resources Management Professionals Act 2012 to effectively deliver the transformation needed for Kenya to become a middle-income industrialised economy.

All HR professionals, including consultants, are required to have IHRM practicing certificates by December 31st or risk being barred from practicing. Mrs Kariuki said, as a regulator, IHRM should help end the  “legacy of non-performance” which threatens delivery of services in Government, adding that the quality of HR is critical to development at all levels.

The plan hinges on five key pillars that include enhanced membership services, building sustainable institutional capacity, establishment of examination board and enhancing HR visibility and branding.

IHRM chairman Elijah Sitima said the strategic plan would ensure the country has a strong HR component.

“This new direction is a clear indication that it is not business as usual in the human resource industry,” he said.

The strategic plan will form the foundation that provides for a balance between labour management and human resources management in the corporate world of the 21st century.

The strategy also proposes structural reforms of the institute to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency.


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