This is how you can earn with your laptop

Financial experts have opined that for one to be wealthy, more than one sources of income is required.

But while many people are willing to engage in more than way to earn money, the constraints of time and energy always pose a barrier.

However, modern technology has profoundly transformed the available methods for earning money making it possible to engage in income generating activities to earn profits in ways that were previously unimaginable.

One key enabler to this has been the laptop. Since its inception, it has changed the lives of regular people and helped them discover the lucrative potential of turning time and ideas into a financial windfall.

By combining a laptop’s portability with widespread online access, anyone can reap lucrative rewards from their computer.

Below are some of the quick and cool ways a laptop can earn you money from the comfort of your home.

Get Paid to Write

Have you always had a keen eye for detail and creative ways to tell stories? A laptop provides avenues that allow semi-professional writers earn money from their craft by enabling you to conduct professional research and eventually construct informative articles that can be globally disseminated.

As a talented writer from Kenya, with a laptop, you could sell the rights to your work or profit from advertising revenue on your own blog.

Get paid to Research

Research is a unique skill that the world demands in virtually every sector. While it is fundamental, few possess the skill, verve and time to conduct it.

To bridge this gap, platforms like Crowd Source Africa bring together a pool of online workers that companies all over the world can tap into.

You could easily offer your skills in research, graphic design, data entry, virtual assistance, accounting etc. to international companies for a handsome amount of money.

Get paid to be a social media guru/blogger

Are you the kind of person that understands today’s digital world? Do you spend tons of time on social media platforms? Are you able to judge and predict the trends on social media and what audiences want to share? Good with storytelling? Have a personal blog with a decent readership scale?

Well, that’s just what many brands are looking for in a social media consultant. Indeed many want someone with some experience to show for it but a laptop can help you start small and offer your expertise to a local business, build a small client base and grow.

Turn you passion into profit

If for instance, you’re passionate about music and fancy yourself a good singer or producer, laptops are equipped with high-grade microphones that can be used to record music and eventually sell it online.

As a result, a lone laptop can turn you into an independent recording studio.

The internet has become a home to numerous niche markets that are simply waiting to be tapped into. Whether you’re passion is design, baking, fashion or even if you’re an inventor, if your products fail to appeal and interest local markets, through the internet, they can be marketed to receive their true worth globally. A laptop instantly links you to an unending supply of potential customers both local and international.

All sales can be proficiently tracked, and payments processed directly into a bank account through a laptop.

Furthermore, with a single click, it is possible to pay for postage online, print the shipping label and schedule a package pick-up and drop offs.

Each of the above ways of making money have their accompanying challenges and difficulties.

However, if you’re capable of navigating the internet and have a laptop you will indeed make money, the latter being the most important prerequisite.

Entrepreneur’s eye by David Karega


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