Do you want a tender in Kenya, visit Tendersoko

TenderSoko, a low cost tender listing company is offering companies and individuals listing and seeking tenders in Kenya to access this information at a click of a button.

This does not only help companies cut on heavy advertising costs in main stream media but also feed tender seekers with free and timely information.

TenderSoko has a huge following on social media and its web page receives thousands of visits in a day hence selling listed tenders to prospective bidders.

The platform offers a deserving break from traditional print and electronic media tender adverts occasioned by high costs, unpredictable audience reach and inconveniences as more time is needed for the tender advert to appear.

Statistics by the Trading Economics for instance indicates that one newspaper is read by 1000 people where as 10.4 million Kenyans or 25.5 percent of the country’s population has access to Internet connections.

This means, at a fee of Sh35,000 a month, an advertiser is likely to reach more people on line than on a newspaper that charges between Sh250, 000-450,000 depending on the page.

An advertiser willing to use this service is required to first sign up on the company’s site by availing contact information which includes name, email address and preferred password.

The account created has features like calendar which allows the client to arrange tender adverts, profile for the advertising company or individual and transaction mode to remit monthly fees.

TenderSoko administrators then publish those tenders on the website when they are due for the public. The tender specifications can be viewed by clicking on the specific tender.

A client can have multiple tenders published on the site depending on his membership status.

A spot check on the success of the platform via the company’s twitter handle @TenderSoko shows that the company has attracted at least 600 clients who include government institutions, private companies and international bodies.

According to Dominica Gichu, Business Development Manager at TenderSoko,the portal has over 70000 registered members with a daily traffic of between 1500-3000 users.

”Compared to Print Media, advertising on our platform ensures your tender is NEW everyday till the expiry of the tender therefore a better ROI. We also advise and custom make your advert to reach the highest numbers,” explained Gichu

The company administrator explained that they have different packages and promotional activities especially for regular users.

The platform comes at a time when the government has allocated 30 percent of all public tenders for youth, women and persons with disabilities operating small businesses.

According to Kenya Urban Road Authority, a frequent user of the tender platform, their target audience are SMEs since their tenders are mostly repair.


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