Expect slow internet this week, this is why…..

Kenyans are expected to experience slow internet speed up to the end of next week, perhaps an inconvenience that is likely to see businesses incur huge losses.

Even so, Liquid Telecom Kenya has come out to assure its customers that the ongoing maintenance works on The East African Marine System (TEAMS) undersea cable will not affect its operation.

According to the company, its network provides connectivity onto five different main sub-sea cable systems landing in Africa, setting it apart from other Internet Providers, who often only connect to one or two.

This provides for alternative routes, thus cushioning their clients from Internet outage. The cable systems are; WACS, EASSY, SEACOM, SAT3 and TEAMs. Three of the undersea cables are linked to Kenya; SEACOM, EASSY and TEAMS.

“We believe in redundancy, that is why our network is designed not only with the submarine capacity, but also with the terrestrial redundancy,’’ said Andrew Alston, Head of IP Strategy at Liquid Telecom Kenya.

He explained that by so doing, they can cope with any failures in cables, fibre cuts, or any other issues while still maintaining optimum service to our customers

He added that the drive behind investing in five different cables was an investment to ensure uninterrupted Internet connection in case of failure or maintenance. This was also to offer higher speeds, with higher capacity and lower latency for its customers across Africa.

Investing in cables systems is expensive and therefore most Internet providers opt to use one or two cable systems. Traffic is then balanced between the two cable systems, however, when one is down, the capacity on the other becomes saturated and service degrades.

Businesses that rely solely on capacity on the TEAMS system will experience a complete outage until such time as alternate capacity is sourced or the TEAMS system is restored.

“We have sufficient capacity to reroute off the TEAMS capacity onto other cable systems to cover the loads, so there will not be any service degradation for our customers,” said Alston.

Besides T.E.A.M.S, Liquid Telecom is linked to SEACOM and EASSY in Kenya. The company also has the option to reroute via South Africa, if need be, and then onto the WACS and SAT3 cable systems.

In addition to subsea resources, Liquid Telecom also has partnerships with the 5 biggest global internet content providers to have network peering, data centre hosting or content caching in Africa, thus reducing reliance on subsea links to Europe.

This being in line with Liquid Telecom’s and Internet Society’s strategic goals to keep African data in Africa.

The maintenance work on the TEAMS undersea cable is being undertaken to enhance its security off-shore from the United Arab Emirates against anchoring ships, as well as to allow for expansion of the UAE port of Fujairah.

TEA.MS are jointly owned by the Kenyan government and private sector players including Liquid Telecom Kenya, Safaricom, Telkom Kenya, Jamii Telecom, Wananchi Telecom, Access Kenya Group and



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