Credit management Nimble now in Kenya

Nimble Group, one of the largest credit management businesses in Africa has today officially launched in the Kenyan market.

The entry of Nimble Group comes at a time when the demand for credit across the East African region continues to rise.

This even as more people seek to access credit while financial institutions grapple with ways on how to reduce their non-performing loans.

The fully owned subsidiary of Nimble Group South Africa which operates across Southern Africa has offices in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Ghana and has been in the Kenyan market since January 2016.

Nimble Group hopes to use the Kenyan market to penetrate other neighboring countries which it says has great untapped potential.

Speaking during the opening of the Kenyan office, Nimble Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rowan Gordon affirmed that they are ready to do business with credit granters across the region.

He explained that the Kenyan office will offer a perfect gateway to East African Market.

“We are delighted to create a presence in Kenya where we see great potential for debt collection and advisory services.

Our extensive experience in credit management has given us the much needed impetus to enable financial institutions be able to recover debts in an efficient and cost effective”, Rowan said

The move, according to Nimble Group, will see the group grow its African footprint as it positions itself as a niche service provider and asset manager focusing on special opportunities and distress.

“Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves as the leader in the debt collection industry.

Our commitment is focused on improving the client’s cash flow position by reducing the level of bad debts through prompt and effective debt recovery services”, he added.

Nimble group boasts of over 100 years of collective management experience in debt collections, restructuring turnaround and NPL investing.

It has worked for major clients like Old Mutual, MTN, First National Bank (FNB), Stanbic, Vodacom and Barclays among others.

With over 1,800 employees spread across the African continent and an excellent customer service in place, Nimble Group brings to Kenya the much needed synergies to transform the debt collection process.

Its robust IT system promises to transform the way businesses track their debtors as well as giving them real time feedback on customer statuses and queries.

  1. Mercy mandela

    15 March

    Hello I was put in this position by pezesha for not paying my loan and even after explaining to them I got a job recently ill pay the loan they couldn’t gv me time how do I do abt this?

  2. NDEGE

    19 March


    • dhahabu Kenya

      22 March

      Hi. Please contact Nimble directly.

      • arnold mukhebi

        24 July

        help mi with nimble contacts, email or website

      • Mulandi Elizabeth

        5 April

        Please call me,you put me in CRB and I have been looking for you to me on 0703479312 please

  3. Ivy

    21 March

    I have not been able to pay my branch loan due to my financial state…Please consider I’ll pay by the end of the month


    23 March

    kindly furnish me with your email address and a contact person.
    Av cleared my loan with Barclays bank but am still receiving calls from different people
    from Nimble and all are very uncourteous by hanging the phone on me

  5. Bulungu Grant

    2 April

    I have settled my branch loan early this morning but am still receiving text alerts from nimble that i have to settle it.

  6. Mwita Daniel Bhoke

    3 April

    Kindly help with contacts for Nimble because I have cleared my Loan but they are still sending messages even to my boss claiming the payment. Thank you

  7. Theresa

    23 April

    I am told to pay 50% of my outstanding Barclaycard loan and it will be cleared,i will no longer have a debt. They tell me its an offer ongoing.Is this true?

  8. joseph

    28 May

    ilost my phone during repayment process ihad adebt of two hundred and four shillings only of which ilater cleard via m pesa ipuchased onother phone but it cant apload apps like branch, ive tried to borrow from my bank but it seems the brach have not updated my acount or they blacklisted me please check my account and update coz this is not the first time borrowing from branch thanx alot.

  9. joseph

    1 June


  10. Fredrick otieno Odhiambo

    5 June

    Where are your office’s located in Nairobi please

  11. Peter

    18 June

    I have a loan with Afb and I cannot locate them yo settle. Kindly advise how to go about it.

    • Marcus

      25 July

      Clear your AFB loan via paybill 992700 & Acc. No. as ID No, Contact samuel Wafula, 254711093141 or SMS: 0792789700.


    28 June

    Hi,Ihave aloan with Timiza and currently am fixed kindly i will pay when all goes well.please consider my request.

  13. Lister

    12 July

    How are you? I am Lister.I borrowed a loan of 3000 from Tala.Tala had absolutely been helping me when am in need. I am sorry for my inconvenient payment.I sincerely apologize since it is a business and they need the money back.I have not paid due to the sickness whereby I am supposed to pay the bill of 1.2M at Shalom Hospital Nairobi. I plead to you that if possible… please allow me to pay the money on 12th of August .Hope you will consider my sincire apology. Thank you.

  14. Kenneth lelgo

    13 July

    Nimejelewa kulipa timiza loans.Nikikopa mtu wa m_pesa Saa hii
    na kukopa zingine kwa timiza,nitaweza pata?

  15. michael

    17 July

    Hi…i have been made aware am on list as defaulter by tala.will clear the loan by end of this month.

  16. help mi with nimble contacts, email or website

  17. Shadrack ngugi

    7 August

    I paid Talla their loan yet they haven’t updated my account… Kindly assist

  18. DINAH NANJALA BARASA-ID NO.28473805,Contact-0726364830

    16 August

    i cleared a loan with AFB,three days ago,upto now they have not updated my crb status,kindly assist because i have processed a loan and it is the update that is letting me down.I was advised that afb is a group member of letshego

    • dhahabu Kenya

      22 August

      Hi. Do reach out to Sam nimble Kenya on +254 711 083000

      • Georgette Omolo

        2 July

        I am kindly requesting to be given the email address of the person i am to refer to at Nimble Kenya Group Ltd concerning my loan with Barclays bank which I have not been able to pay. Kindly give the email so that I can explain my situation. Thank you.


    30 August

    I have just finished my loan repayment of Branch International of Ksh.1,494 by yesterday.. kindly update my credit status and you can confirm by branch loan office.

  20. Daniel omari

    8 September

    Comment…Hi i will start paying my loan of tala from next mt .kindly i have been without ajob for ayear plz now i have ajob

  21. evans

    12 September

    Comment…hi I ve seen that you tried to call me because of branch loan ,the loan is late with less than a month and yet I’ve started paying ,and yet I be been their royal customer, am just having some small issues will complete payment by the end of the month.

  22. jepchirchir charity

    20 September

    Comment…Hello am overly late on my loan payment but kindly consider i have financial issues but i’ll clear before december….sorry for the delay….

  23. jepchirchir charity

    20 September

    Comment…Hello….i know i’ve not cleared my timiza loan but i will….i have a bit of a financial problem but i’ll try and clear it as soon as possible…sorry for the delay

  24. Wilson njeya

    25 September

    Hi I know I’ve not cleared my loan but I will I just have a financial crisis at the moment but before the end of this month I would have paid

  25. Muithya Musyoka

    27 September

    MIR5VUAWW5 Confirmed. Ksh2,647.00 sent to BRANCH INTERNATIONAL LTD for account 0707395877 on 27/9/18 at 12:23 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh27,301.55. Transaction cost, Ksh56.00.

  26. Muithya Musyoka

    27 September

    Loan fully paid ±254707395877

  27. Calvins

    16 October

    Why do you guys keep on bothering me yet I owe you nothing, you harass me every now and then yet I’ve never taken any loan from the so called tala! Shame on you

    • dhahabu Kenya

      16 October

      Hi Calvins, please call Sam nimble Kenya +254 711 083000 for assistance. All the best

  28. RobertChombo

    18 October

    Hi, this is Robert Chombo from Mombasa , i finished paying Barclays credit card with an offer .but the problem is that the offer form was sent to my long time email , which was closed and does not exist anymore . Please send the offer letter and the clearance form to my new email address as follows : . thanks in advance .

    • dhahabu Kenya

      19 October

      Hi, please call Sam nimble Kenya +254 711 083000 for assistance. All the best

  29. Aggrey Mmbaya

    22 October

    Hi my name is Aggrey Mmbaya i owe AFB some cash but not a huge amount of kshs 17000 as they claim coz when I asked for my invoices I was told you don’t have them I want to pay the bill but it’s not that big please advice

    • dhahabu Kenya

      23 October

      Hi, please call Sam nimble Kenya +254 711 083000 for assistance. All the best

  30. Kimani

    4 December

    You triedvto call me then you disconnected, i’m grateful for the upkeep reminder but promised a lady there will actually commit myself this week to repay my Branch loan of ksh 5,576. I’m working on it and will keep my word


    3 January

    Kindly can I get a breakdown on how Kshs,11,242 instead of Kshs.6,800 which Iam ready to pay.Please check from your records the last time I used the card to purchase.from Tumaini Supermarket.
    My phone no.0724115648
    Please revert to me urgently


    3 January

    Kindly can I get a breakdown on how Kshs,11,242 instead of Kshs.6,800 which Iam ready to pay.Please check from your records the last time I used the Afb card to purchase.from Tumaini Supermarket.
    My phone no.0724115648
    Please revert to me urgently

  33. Vincent

    10 January

    Hi have cleared my loan default.. it’s a long story but now asking for clearance it has become a daunting task have emailed,text phone but nothing has happened..I have the names of staffs i was dealing with them if need maybe.
    Please assist.

  34. Stellamaris ndinda

    5 February

    My brother in law passed away through accident. I forwarded his death certificate to your offices. You never updated his status. You went a head and blcklisted me because I was his guarantor. I cleared his debts and you don’t pick my calls to update my status. What do you want me to do. Whenever I call your customer care they are too rude to even to answer calls.

  35. Kanorio Florence

    11 February

    Hi Nimble Kenya!! I apologize for my inconvenience.Please give me time and I will pay my loan as soon as possible.I have been paying my loans on time.Being late for now doesn’t mean am a defaulter.Am working on how to pay my loan and I really apologized for the inconvenience caused.

  36. Ambrose

    20 February

    Hello Nimble kenya,am sorry for my delaying lone of kes1152,but end of this month i will clear the lone.

  37. Mumo wambua

    8 March

    I’m experiencing financial constrains at the moment, please be humble I’ll clear the loan soon

  38. Fredrick ohidi

    10 March

    Hello nimble,
    I recently received some messages telling some clearance from AFB i did clear it in 2017 june sum of totalling amount 6000, what is happening now thats fraud because i even got clearance batch from nimble themselves, kindly confirm your accounts, Fredrick ohidi, id 24274953

  39. Fredrick ohidi

    10 March

    Hello nimble,
    I cleared my AFB loan card 2017 amounting 10000, and i was given clearance batch number, why am i still getting message from you guyz kindly confirm your accounts i have no balance with you guyz and confirm with AFB because thats is extotation. Thanks

  40. a

    11 March

    hi am charles isika mutunga..on 6-3-2010 got a message from your company claiming to pay AFB bank 7377 shillings i owe them..First you should know that I HAVE NEVER been a member of afb bank…I never knew such a bank exists..I have been notified by my bank that have been negatively listed by CRB for faulting to pay afb ..So am asking for an explanation on when i became a member of afb and whats my account number there..

  41. hi ..i received a message from your company cl aiming to pay afb card 7377 shillings..please explain to me coz i dont know not a member .

  42. matthews Ndambuki

    16 March

    Hello,I was unable to pay my Afb card as on Friday 15/3/2019 due to unavoidable circumstances but will be paying as from April 2019 at Ksh 1000 monthly to clear the debt.

  43. Yada Yada

    31 March

    I need a job with nimbele kenya, how can I apply?

  44. Anonymous

    16 July

    I don’t have any outstanding loan with you guys yet you keep sending me texts to pay a loan I have never borrowed.

  45. Raphael kilonzo

    25 July

    Comment…please contact equity bank concerning my loan. I have already paid and they have confirmed.

  46. Cynthia

    28 July

    Please please help me understand more about the sh70 you are demanding from me, as per my records I know I owe you nothing . I cleared up my loan and paid the Sh 70 as well. your everyday texts are just but stressing me. Check your records please


    6 August

    save with 2000sh

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