Youths turn to job outsourcing to eke a living, creating jobs for their peers

With just an office space in the up market Lavington Estate in Nairobi and Sh100, 000 donation, thank for her dad’s generosity, Janet Karemi, a Business Administration graduate from the Strathmore Business School started a garden and hedge trimming company three years ago that has gone a long way to employ at least 25 youths, helping to solve unending pandemic of unemployment that now haunt at least 70 percent the majority youth in Kenya.

The 34 year old Karemi told Dhahabu Kenya  that she enrolled for a business course to learn how to juggle mucky waters in the business sector and not to attain academic credentials to fit in the job market. She explained that she intended to start a mobile phone accessories business but discovered that the market was already flooded.

‘’One day, while chatting with a gardener trimming our hedge, I asked him how he usually source for job opportunities. He explained that he normally asks around and sometimes referred to a new client by those he has offered services before. His narration made me notice a wide connection gap between manual workers and prospective employees hence decided to fill it,’’ explained the mother of two who now earn at least 2.8 million a month from the venture.

After a business opportunity cost research that included identifying materials, possible clients and business registration costs, Karemi decided to give it a try. She wrote business proposals to various real estate firms in the city and luckily, a house agency company in Muthaiga responded positively with a year contract worth Sh700, 000. ‘’ This was the beginning of Karegardener Agency that currently offer services to 12 real estate firms in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties.

‘’Since I had business management skills and capital but with no garden maintaining experience, I used an employment bureau to source for my first three gardeners who have since helped me recruit many others,’’ she explained. She provides equipment which includes branded aprons, bum boots, shears, short ladders, pangas, wheelbarrows and protective gears.

Karemi, has joined an expanding list of enterprising youths in Kenya who have plunged into job outsourcing business in a bid to eke a living while creating employment opportunities for their peers. This brand of entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the manual work sector commonly referred to as Juakali, perceived to be for less educated and low income earners in the community. The venture is linking those in need for manual work services with ready human work force in a civilized manner.

According to Index Mundi statistics, the service sector industry in Kenya contributes to 53.3 per cent of the country’s

Gross Domestic Product providing over a half of employment opportunities in the country yearly. Karemi hope that her success story will persuade youths to stop being choosy, job seekers and lazy but instead use their high intellectual capacities to explore and invent ways to propel the country’s Small Medium Enterprise sector to its economic stardom.

She plans to plunge in real estate business just like her father who owns several properties in Nairobi in future.


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