KCB to launch entrepreneurship reality TV series “Lion’s Den”

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is set to launch an entrepreneurship TV series dubbed “Lion’s Den” in September this year as part of its broader 2Jiajiri Programme initiative.

KCB partnered with Quite Bright Films Kenya (QBF), Sony Pictures Television (SPT) – the makers of Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den – and Nation Media Group to launch the official Kenyan version of this global hit entrepreneurship TV series.

The initiative is meant to boost entrepreneurship in the country under the Bank’s recently launched sh50 Billion job creation and skills development programme.

KCB Director Marketing & Communications, Angela Mwirigi said that this is an effort towards supporting the youth agenda in Kenya. The East African region, is taxiing towards a major economic transformation that is being driven by the youth.

“We are proud to be part of this exciting phase as the youth increasingly take up greater sway in the revolution and pace of the economy in the coming years. They are the holders of the greatest ideas, the energy, and the commitment that is needed to drive the transformation. As a Bank we are committed to ensure they realize their dreams through providing platforms that will create an enabling environment for these opportunities”, Angela said.

The weekly series will see budding entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of five multi-millionaires who will evaluate them for the possibility of being funded.

The Nation Broadcasting Division General Manager Linus Kaikai described the ‘Lion’s Den’ as ‘the ultimate milestone Kenya’s reality television had been longing for’.

“We are truly delighted that Lion’s Den will find a perfect home on NTV. To our viewers, here is the latest of the quality, entertaining and engaging programming you have always deserved.”

The series has been re-named for the local market in official affiliation with the American and UK versions of the show, Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den. This exciting TV format has successfully launched in over twenty countries globally and KCB is proud to be bringing it into Kenyan homes in the next few months.

“We are greatly looking forward to making an exciting and world-class TV series that will have a significant impact in driving entrepreneurship in Kenya. We have been working with SPT to bring this TV format here for some time and QBF is delighted to be in collaboration with KCB and NTV to see the project come to life”,

said Amber Prior, Executive Producer at QBF Kenya.

According to Global Entrepreneurship Institute and Development 2015 report, Kenya will need to create over 3.9 million new jobs for young people by 2020, an estimate based on its projected population growth. As a result, Kenya has become a focus of attention for international businesses looking to penetrate the emerging markets of East Africa.

KCB Group 2Jiajiri Programme is expected to benefit at least 500,000 youths in a period of 5 years, is a step in the right direction that will open up new possibilities for small and informal businesses to thrive. The programme, which also encompasses a business challenge for start-ups, will enable young entrepreneurs to submit their business ideas for funding in order to boost their productivity.



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