Autoxpress launches first tyre damage cover

By Dhahabu Writer

AutoXpress Limited in partnership with APA Insurance has launched the XtraSure Tyre Damage Guarantee.

This product will protect the vehicle owner from paying for any unwarranted repairs or unplanned replacement of tyres damaged by road hazards.

These include but are not limited to rocks, broken glass, nails, kerbs and potholes.

XtraSure Tyre Damage Guarantee (XS TDG) covers passenger and SUV tyres that are purchased and fitted at any AutoXpress Fitment Centre across Kenya, provided that the vehicle that the tyres are fitted on is used for private or personal use.

“When you buy your tyres from AutoXpress, whatever happens to them, your fault or not, we’ll fix or replace them. We will sort out anything from kerb damages, rips, punctures or glass cuts. You only pay for the tread you have used. This guarantee comes with any tyre brand purchased from AutoXpress countrywide. It is free of charge for the first year and can be extended for a second year at a charge of three per cent of the value of the initial purchase price of your tyres,”

said AutoXpress Limited,Managing Director, ASandeep Shah.

He said through the XtraSure Tyre Damage Guarantee product, AutoXpress and APA were responding to today’s global market trends where consumers expect and demand more than just quality products, efficient and superior services. This innovative solution will offer complete peace-of-mind for the customer when driving on bad roads and difficult terrain.

Once the motorist purchases and fits the tyres at any AutoXpress fitment centre and the customer has been registered, an electronic confirmation will be automatically sent to the customer.

“The guarantee entitles you to a maximum of one tyre replacement or three repairs per covered tyre provided that the repairs are carried out at by an AutoXpress professional,”

said Mr Shah.

In the case of an incident where the covered tyres are damaged, claims are required to be submitted at an AutoXpress fitment centre within 48 hours.

Evaluation will then be carried out on the damaged tyres to determine if they need to be repaired or replaced. In the event of a replacement, the amount to be paid by the customer will be established based on the calculated remaining tread.

Speaking during the launch, APA’s Group CEO, Ashok Shah said that the insurance product was inspired by the critical role that tyres play as component of the motor vehicle contributing to its performance by providing traction, braking, steering, comfort, fuel saving and safety.

“Tyres are in constant contact with the roads and are subject to wear and tear. Many roads in Kenya are in dire need of repairs and upgrades. Uneven, unsealed surfaces and road hazards are common and pose a threat to even the most careful driver. The XS TDG is the answer to this,”

Mr Ashok Shah explained.

He added

This continues our tradition of rewriting the rules of insurance through innovation and by focusing on pertinent needs of our customers. We have learnt that in addition to covering the entire vehicle, there is a need for targeted insurance for critical parts.”


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