Airtel Kenya emerges top telecom brand on social m...

Airtel Kenya emerges top telecom brand on social media in Africa

By Dhahabu Writer

Airtel, a leading telecommunication service provider in Kenya, has been recognized as the top Social Media Brand in Africa by the Africa Brand Index.

The award recognizes Airtel Kenya’s outstanding use of social media platforms in engagement and resolution of customer issues.

Airtel Kenya outperformed all the other telecom companies in Africa to become the top Telecommunication brand on Social Media for the month of February.

In the report published online on the Africa Brand Index Website, The Africa Brand Index shows Airtel Kenya scored the highest in Community growth, content, engagement and sentiments.

The Africa Brand Index is a listing of the top brands on social media each month measured by an aggregate score of dozens of social signals. The top brands are shown alongside their metrics and leader board position, showing the aggregate scores on a monthly basis.

Social media engagement rate measures how well people interact with the content an organization or brand posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and many others. It also provides the platform for users to share comments or express their feeling about a post of a particular brand to the total number of fans of the brand at the time it was posted.

“Our social media teams are dedicated to serve our customers on social media, 24/7, 365 days a year. We are proud of this recognition of their dedication to offer the best service experience to our customers,”

said Airtel Kenya chief executive, Adil El Youssefi.

Airtel also continues to be a socially devoted brand based on recent report from Social Bakers dated October- December 2015 that verifies the company’s 100 per cent response rate on Facebook and 98 per cent response rate on Twitter.

This comes a day after the ICT Principal Secretary, Victor Kyalo, announced that Safaricom and Airtel will connect public primary schools with free Internet in support of the government’s plan to introduce digital learning devices. One hundred and fifty schools have been picked for the project’s pilot roll out in the 47 countries.

“The programme aims to integrate the use of digital technologies in learning targeting public primary schools,” said Mr Kyalo.


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