LIVELUVO joins hands with Design 2 Transform to bu...

LIVELUVO joins hands with Design 2 Transform to build websites for community organisations

LIVELUVO is sponsoring the Design 2 Transform Hackathon this Saturday, March 19th 2016, in a one-day drive to build websites for 10 Community Based Organisations at iHub, Nairobi. Dubbed LIVELUVO Design 2 Transform, the Hackathon will see young people with different web design skills coming together to synergise their skills for the community, as well as learn from each other.

The inaugural Hackathon held in January completed and delivered six websites for six Children’s Homes to help them connect donors and partners with worthy causes in need of support. The project brought together 45 volunteers with different backgrounds who worked in teams to achieve the goal of the day. They learnt various platforms to use in Web Design and Development and this empowered them to transform their community through technology.

Design 2 Transform’s Team Leader, Nelson Kwaje, explains that the Hackathon is not only meant for techies:

 “Anyone with whatever skill can come and be part of the change we all want to see. The person with the web design skills in the team will teach the rest of the members how to do it, practically, the accountant will help create the content, the photographer will advise on the photos… everybody can do something! Just come expecting to learn and help the community, and we guarantee you that both will happen!  | Nelson

It is this combination of commitment to the community and skill exchange that inspired LIVELUVO to be part of the upcoming event.  Design 2 Transform is a real life example of what LIVELUVO stands for- exchanging services, developing skills and sharing knowledge for the collective growth of the community.

LIVELUVO came in to assist Design to Transform projects become sustainable by providing a platform for a real-time communication between the volunteers and other members of the ecosystem. The volunteers will also use the platform to explore their skills and accelerate the skills they learn in the Hackathon to create opportunities.

Ryan Doyle, Head of Community Development at LIVELUVO says,

Design 2 Transform is a beautiful meeting of talent, community and enthusiasm. A professional website amplifies an organization’s voice. Design 2 Transform ensures that a CBO like Spirit of Mercy Children’s Home can shout their message of aiding orphans and children from vulnerable households. LIVELUVO believes that when communities come together, we flourish. Design 2 Transform is a perfect example of this and we are rewarded to support their upcoming Hackathon.



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