Samsung unveils largest customer experience shop in Africa

By Dhahabu Writer
Samsung Electronics East Africa on Thursday opened its largest customer experience store in Africa, with a new concept of improving customer experience.

The store situated along Kenyatta Avenue, delights on the use of convergence of services and wares to lure more customers. The move is strategic coming at a time when mobile phone vendors are experiencing stiff competition.

Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) reports a mobile penetration rate above 88.1 per cent, a figure that points to increased sales in mobile phones. Techno, Huawei, Infinix, Wiko, Htc among other brands have posed stiff competition to Samsung, owing to their affordable prices tagged along with quality technology.

“Nothing is more dynamic in this market than the customer preferences. We have to keep on ensuring that our customer centres are not just stores that stock our products, but a place where we demonstrate how technology can transform lives and businesses,”

said Simon Kariithi, Head of Internet and Mobile at Samsung Electronics East Africa Ltd.

The Delite store will employ 20 workers, its design will allow for consumers to interact with a number of Samsung devices that can converge to improve personal user experience or business to customer and business to business solutions.

“The new experience centre provides us with an opportunity to showcase how the technology at Samsung can be integrated to offer daily personal and business solutions,” said Mr Kariithi.

The store comprises 4,045 square feet of floor space that will showcase the latest technology in mobile devices, wearables, business to business products and accessories.

To attract more customers, Samsung had to find a superior way of engaging with customers. This is because the phone manufacturer has not been able to reduce its phone pricing.

Majority of Kenyans are attracted to low priced phones that come along with quality, these has tightened competition for Samsung in the low priced phone segments.

Samsung also used the store’s opening to officially introduce the Gear VR 2016 in the country. Virtual reality (VR) is now going mainstream as device manufacturers launch their VR devices over past year. The Samsung Gear VR not only offers a new way of viewing the virtual reality world but also more affordable.

“At Samsung, we focus on transforming the human experience through technology. The latest innovations do not have to be expensive as the market has dictated over the years. With the Gear VR, we are making virtual reality more accessible,” said Mr Kariithi.

The Samsung Delite store will also be a showcase of Samsung’s innovations over the years, with a museum that will bring out the Kenyan story as well as demonstrate how Samsung devices have bridged the technological gap. On display will be the first device in the Galaxy S line-up, Galaxy S1 to the latest Galaxy S7.

Customer satisfaction will be the hallmark of the store, which will be enhanced by great offers every month on devices and customer hospitality where customers will be offered snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.


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