Persons of Interest in Adan Halakhe memoranda to Anne Waiguru

Adan Halakhe, the Senior Deputy at the National Youth Service (NYS) wrote three memoranda to the former Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru detailing how his password to the Integrated Financial Management and Information System (IFMIS) was used, through hacking to embezzle funds. He then gives account of how his efforts to get to the bottom of the issue were being frustrated by powerful people in government.

Ben Gethi – Adan Halakhe said he met him after being introduced to him by PS Eng. Peter Mangiti. On meeting him, he was arrogant, telling him how powerful he was, including being a business associate to CS Henry Rotich.

Eng. Peter Mangiti – The Principal Secretary for Devolution and Planning is said to have told Halakhe that he should go slow on the investigations and that he had recommended a Senior Deputy Director General position for him in NYS. When Halakhe was having challenges with uncovering the stolen passwords and decommiting the transactions, Mangiti opted not to intervene, telling him ‘shauri yenu’.

Chief Inspector Kipruto – He works in the Cybercrime Unit. Adan Halakhe called him, on the advise of the Principal Secretary Mangiti to urge him to hold the investigations of his stolen password as it will be handled departmentally.

Henry Rotich – The Cabinet Secretary for Treasury is adversely mentioned as being the god-father of Ben Gethi. He is also said to have companies which traded with NYS. He is also referred to as ‘high flier’ of the Deputy President. Rotich is also said to have assisted secure the monies to pay for the transactions. Essentially implying that Rotich was substantially paying himself through his companies.

Mr. Jerome Ochieng – He is the IFMIS Director. Halakhe mentions that he was not cooperating with him when he needed his help to decommit the sh828,600,000 million. He also says that he was telling Halakhe that he was creating unnecessary confusion.

Mrs. Yemi Fikru – She is an IFMIS consultant who assisted Adan Halakhe decommit transactions he had made (erroneously) through the system.

Jerard Nyandimo – He is a staff at the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and accompanied Halakhe to the IFMIS Boardroom to meet CID officers.

Senator Kipchumba Murkomen – He is said to have looked for Halakhe on several occasions and when he was playing hard to get, walked into his office with DP Ruto’s brother Luke. He told him that what he was decommitting was for goods supplied and the merchants were complaining. He is also mentioned to have wanted to know why he oversaw the closure of Murkomen’s friend bank account, who had transacted with NYS.

Nixon Oborah – He is identified as the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) who Halakhe contacted to provide him analysis report of the illegal transactions.

Kyalo and Susan – The two are IFMIS staff, who Jerome tasked to assist Halakhe but who were also uncooperative.

Luke Kimutai Samoei – He is the younger brother to Deputy President William Ruto. Senator Kipchumba Murkomen took him to meet Halakhe Wako to introduce him and urge him to give help secure contracts. His business company is Equity Tech Limited

Stephen Jelanga – He is the former Ag Director for Youth Directorate in the Ministry of Devolution and Planning. He was waiting for Murkomen inside the Senator’s car when Halakhe escorted the Senator and Luke after their meeting.

Hon. Adan Duale – He called Halakhe wondering why he was frustrating the payments yet he knows this is a political government which he is the leader, from the URP side and someone he needs in order to stay in public office. Duale urged him to be careful not to be used by the other side of the coalition (CORD) as they will dump him afterwards. He told him that CORD had sponsored a Bill in Parliament to reduce funding to their region (North Eastern).


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