Liveluvo launches Kenyan Android App-based community network

Liveluvo, a community network for local services, skills and knowledge has launched a Kenyan android app-based community network aimed at accelerating its members self development by providing the tools to find local opportunities.

How is it works is that an interested person needs to sign up with their mobile number (so everyone knows you’re real) and setup a profile that shows your vocation, interests, knowledge and skills. Then post an offer that showcases your service, skill or knowledge to the liveluvo community. You can also search for opportunities offered by others, based on your interests and location.

The app has been updated with new features to improve its utility. Everyone who had installed the App was sent free data and airtime to make the update totally free.

The new features are meant to make the app faster, easier to discover available offers, quickly access the offers you love, simplify the experience, simple to register, communicate to the right people in the right way and rate the services so that the community learns from the experiences you have, or give to the other members.

The company said that the response has been remarkable with over 1,000 new members just last week, when it launched the new features.

Liveluvo’s main utility are to help find or provide a service, learn or teach a new skill, promote your group or manage your organisation and share your knowledge, ideas or learn something new.

Entrepreneurs and innovators may find the community a boon to their businesses as they get to meet and interact with a community and also get feedback, critical to expanding or launching their businesses.

The free service has a myriad of skills and other types of offers being posted on LIVELUVO. From wielders, to carpenters, to writers, to musicians among others.

So far, it has thousands of users on the platform already (these are community members) and they are only in Kenya. The community will grow worldwide from Kenya.

In addition, liveluvo community has some form of barter exchange of services, skills and knowledge. The exchange itself will take place offline and the organization plans to carry out classes every few weeks- where people can meet offline, and everyone teaches everyone else something.


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