Tender reservations and preferences for the youth, women and persons with disabilities

The following services were reserved in a Treasury circular no 14 of 2013 for youth, women and persons with disabilities.

  1. Supply and delivery of flowers
  2. Provision of cleaning services
  3. Provision of garbage collection services
  4. Supply and delivery of newspapers, journals and magazines
  5. Supply and delivery of mobile phone airtime
  6. Provision of printing services
  7. Supply and delivery of office common user items
  8. Provision of labor contracts
  9. Provision of motor vehicle repair
  10. Provision of repair services for office equipment and machines
  11. Event organizing
  12. Design and branding of promotional materials such as t-shirts, caps, banners and posters
  13. Photo copy and videography


  1. Car leasing
  2. Cab/taxi services
  3. Courier services
  4. Provision of security services
  5. Contracts for small works
  6. Provision of painting works.


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