Cellulant nominated for Africa Innovators Financial Technical Awards

Kenya-based company Cellulant, Africa’s leading one-stop payments and digital commerce service company has been nominated for the 100 African Innovators Financial Technical (FINTECH) Awards 2016 to be presented in Johannesburg in October next year.

FinTech Africa, which connects start-ups with investors, showcased Cellulant at the FinTech Africa Event in Cape Town earlier this month as one of five companies that will contribute to changing the financial landscape in Africa.

Founded in 2004 by Kenyan, Ken Njoroge and Nigerian Bolaji Akinboro, Cellulant is already well-established in Africa, with operations in 10 countries.  They employ over 300 people, and reach 40 million customers Africa-wide.

Cellulant is a a technology business in the mobile and digital services’ sector in Africa. We operate a payments ecosystem connecting financial sector customers, Mobile Network Operators and businesses to their increasingly mobile consumers.

The company offers mobile payments and banking services, including bill payment, allowing businesses to interact with their customers via mobile devices.

“Our business is based on direct connection to local needs and service solutions in each market. We allow all consumers across Africa to get the best possible value from their money,” says CEO Ken Njoroge.

The company has worked with the Nigerian government on an agricultural development initiative, the Growth Enhancement Support Scheme, under which it distributed fertilizer subsidies to farmers.

The Cellulant Payments Gateway, a merchant portal, enables the tracking of payments, invoices and bank settlements for utilities and services companies.  Among its clients is Nairobi Water Company, JamboJet Airlines and Multichoice/DSTV.

FinTech works with companies that are easing payment processes, reducing fraud, saving users money and promoting financial planning.


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