Nahashon Nyagah gets gagging order against Stephen Jennings

Bidco director Vimal Shah (left) and Tatu City chairman Nahashon Nyagah. Photo courtesy of
Bidco director Vimal Shah (left) and Tatu City chairman Nahashon Nyagah. Photo courtesy of

Nahashon Nyagah has gagged Stephen Jennings, Wilfred Gitonga, Preston Mendenhal, and The Star Publications from commenting in public any issue that could be deemed defamatory. Nahashon obtained the order on September 15th, in a move that was meant to ensure Jennings does not provide details about Tatu City to the public.

Nahashon, Jennings and Vimal Shah have been embroiled in a bitter exchange of ownership of Tatu City which has seen several court cases filed to prevent the project from being realized.

Jennings held a public lecture at the National Museum’s Louis Leakey Auditorium on September 17th, while the Star newspaper had published bits of the issues surrounding Tatu City on the same day. Jennings had also been invited to give his side of the story in an interview with Jeff Koinange on KTN but the channel was compelled to withdraw the interview and slotted another person.

While the gag order had already been issued by then, the lawyer representing Nyagah, Duncan Anzala confirmed that the defendants had not been served.

Anzala however added that Jennings cannot hold another public forum now, since he has been served.

The order by Lady Justice Roselyne Aburili reads,

“…orders are hereby granted restraining the defendants, whether by themselves, agents, servants or otherwise from further broadcasting, publishing or causing to be published or broadcast any defamatory words and pictures on television, radio, internet, newspaper, magazines, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Whatapp or any other medium linking or associating the plaintiff with and or importing impropriety fraud, criminality and corruption in the affairs of Tatu City Limited…”

That order was to be in force until September 21st when the parties were to appear before the Judge. Anzala confirmed that they did appear before the Judge and the defendants are aware of the orders by the court.

On the public lecture Jennings shared his side of the truth regarding the Tatu City legal hurdles.

Anzala declined to comment on rumors that he has taken over the Tatu City cases from another Advocate of the High Court Nelson Havi who Jennings also claimed is directly and criminally involved in the cases. Havi had wanted to leave the case but Jennings argued against the move.


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