Top ten Standard Group shareholders

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The top ten Standard Group shareholders as at 31st December 2014 are;

  1. S.N.G Holdings Limited who have 56,422, 699 shares held representing 69.03 percent shareholding
  2. Trade World Kenya Limited who have 8,906,068 shares held representing 10.90 percent shareholding
  3. Miller Trustees Limited who have 8,608,569 shares held representing 10.53 percent shareholding
  4. Gulamali Ismail who has 907,700 shares held representing 1.06 percent shareholding
  5. Kirtesh Premchand Shah who has 429,716 shares held representing 0.53 percent shareholding
  6. Esop Trust who have 266,880 shares held representing 0.33 percent shareholding
  7. Denroma Investment Limited who have 238,640 shares held representing 0.29 percent shareholding
  8. Saraj Properties Limited who have 234,900 shares held representing 0.29 percent shareholding
  9. Julius Gecau who has 220,793 shares held representing 0.27 percent shareholding
  10. Savitaben Velji Raichand Shah who has 208,070 shares held representing 0.25 percent shareholding
  11. Others have 5,287,773 shares held representing 6.47 percent shareholding

In terms of distribution of the shareholding, three shareholders are the majority with over 73,937,336 shares representing 90.46 percent shareholding. The least with a range of 1 to 500 shares are 2,012, are the majority with 276,828 shares held controlling 0.34 percent shareholding.

The total number of shareholders are 3,300 with total shares being 81,731,808.

In terms of category shareholders,

  1. There are 85 foreign investors holding 56,801,178 shares representing 69.50 percent of the company
  2. There are 223 local institutions holding 19,026,612 shares representing 23.28 percent of the company
  3. There are 2992 local individuals holding 5,904,018 shares representing 7.22 percent of the company.

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