Top ten Nation Media Group shareholders

Nation Media Group building. Photo courtesy of
Nation Media Group building. Photo courtesy of

The top ten Nation Media Group (NMG) shareholders as at 31st of December 2014 are

  1. Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) which has 84,198,343 shares contributing 44.66 percent shareholding.
  2. Alpine Investments Limited which has 19,136,566 shares contributing to 10.15 percent shareholding
  3. Board of Trustees National Social Security Fund which has 6,479,843 shares contributing 3.44 percent shareholding.
  4. John Kibunga Kimani who has 2,906,233 shares contributing 1.54 percent shareholding
  5. The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Limited which has 2,009,707 shares contributing 1.07 percent shareholding
  6. Standard Chartered Nominees A/c KE17984 has 1,711,014 shares contributing 0.91 percent shareholding
  7. CFC Stanbic Nominee Limited has 1,520,465 shares contributing 0.81 percent shareholding
  8. Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited has 958,320 shares contributing 0.51 percent shareholding
  9. Standard Chartered Nominee A/c 9230 has 792,250 shares contributing 0.42 percent shareholding
  10. Standard Chartered Nominee A/c 1256B shares contributing 0.40 percent shareholding

In terms of the distribution of the shareholding, seven shareholders with over one million shares worth 117,962,171 shares control 62.57 percent of the total shareholding. Investors who own the least are 4,135, actually the majority, with 1 to 500 shares with a cumulative shares held at 782,157 controlling 0.41 percent.

There are a total of 10,436 shareholders with a cumulative total shares held being 188,542,286.


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