Phantom Gains or How to Twerk your way into a new Phantom Z

In my defence, the wine made me do it.

We were at Sankara on cool June evening for Tecno’s Phantom Z launch.

There was a good crowd, all looking to experenience the latest gadget in town . The specs looked pretty decent:

Phantom Z spec sheet
Hmmm….Not bad. Not bad at all…

As with most Tecno gigs, all stops were pulled and the party got very very festive. At some point, they announced that a dance-off would see a lucky winner walk off with the brand new phone.

Having imbibed 3 glasses of full strength liquid courage, I volunteered.

The rest, as the age old saying goes, is history:

After that exceptioanlly award (and phone winning) perfonanace, I was the proud owner of possibly the FIRST Phantom Z in Nairobi!

What do I like about the gadget thus far?

  1. The screen! What a beauty!
  2. The 16MP camera have been very pleasing and is quite fast.
  3. The battery! Full day on a charge and it still has 20%+ juice when I’m plugging it in. Impressive!

Run into this interesting liquor bottle and tried to capture it’s likeness

As you can tell, that flash is pretty strong…


Camera does pretty well with ambient light as well.


The downside:

  1. The Flipcover: This was faulty right out of the box and would depress both volume keys. I actually threw it in the trash almost immediately.
  2. The back faux leather feel cover is rather a let down, given how polished the rest of the phone feels.
  3. Far too many apps crash immediately on launch. I’m told a software patch should fix this issue in the near future. I do hope so as the map applications (Google Maps and Waze)  are unusable as of now.

All in all, a pretty decent mid-level phone that should give the Samsung Galaxy 5 a run for it’s money.


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